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AR280 6 cylinder

  • A semi hydraulic, six diaphragm pump -PTO or hydraulically driven. (Maximum flow 282 L/min - Maximum pressure 20 Bar)
  • Inlet Port: 134 BSP(F) + 134 x 2 BSP Nipple + 2 BSP(F) x 2 OD 90° Hosetail Cap and Liner
  • Outlet Port: 114 BSP(F) + 114 x 2 BSP Nipple + 2 BSP(F) x 2 OD 90° Hosetail Cap and Liner
  • Ideal for trailed and self propelled sprayers
  • Through shaft with fully enclosed guard
  • The Hypro AR range of piston diaphragm pumps have been fitted as original equipment to quality crop sprayers for many years and have a proven pedigree of reliability and performance.
  • Recent improvements include the fitting of an enhanced valve design giving improved flow capability and fully enclosed guards for the through shaft of 160, 250 and 280 models in line with health and safety requirements.
  • All models feature a new valve design offering improved flow characteristics
  • Safety blow off valves fitted to all pumps as standard
  • Dimensionally identical to previous models for complete interchangeability
  • AR pumps have a proven track record, meet current health and safety requirements and are backed up by a comprehensive 12 month warranty package
  • All wetted metal parts are coated to prevent corrosion.

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