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Disposable Plus Coveralls Category III Type 5 & 6

  • Coveralls Category III Type 5 & 6 (1 Suit / Pack)
  • Zip front with adhesive backed cover flap
  • Elasticated hood, cuffs and ankle closures
  • Unknitted cuffs to meet current standards
  • Conforms to CE Category III, types 5 & 6

Type 5 - Particle tight clothing. Coveralls are manufactured to provide for protection to both
products and personnel. They are typically used, dependent on the conditions and the severity of the
toxicity, for protection against airborne particles and fibres.
Type 6 - Limited splash tight clothing. Coveralls are manufactured to provide protection from
limited splash and spray where the risk of chemical exposure.

EN14126 - Offers protection of barrier to Bacteriophage
EN1073-2 - Offers protection of barrier to Radioactive Particulates - NOT RAYS.
EN1149-5 - This coverall has been antistatically treated to offer electrostatic protection.
 Warning: The choice of type of fabrics and garments is extremely important to protect
the personnel, and the environment. The following facts must be taken into account
when deciding on the correct clothing.
1. The concentration and the toxicity of the chemical substance to handled
2. Concentration and quantity of liquid spray, and splash
3. The conditions under which they are used
4. For dry, and airborne particles, the type, size and toxicity of the particles
5. Make sure that the size corresponds with the user.
6. Check that the product has no defect and is in good condition (no holes, unsewn
parts, etc)
7. The disposable item should be replaced after every use. Abandon the place of work
immediately in case of damage of the product


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