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Before Spring springs
Special deals for Spraysure account customers
Keep your beady eye out

New EU VAT check installed 
All EU customers outside the UK with a valid EU VAT number can have VAT automatically removed at check out
It's the time of year Hypro price increase imminent , Seen a letter from Syngenta prices for Defy 3D nozzles north of £6.00 for a straight buy (each) , Spaldings £5.95 (each) . You know it makes sense buy buy buy

Starlings sitting on the power lines, making a mess on everything in the yard
winters on the way !

Gem sapphire Rolls can Ardly £8000.00
2500ltr 24M auto rate controll
usual spec
rolls down hill well strugles up hill but if your on flat ground, would you notice ?
Full warrenty & Nsts


Book your winter service and be ready for next spring

As part of Spraysure we also offer :
All work carried out by our own engineers
Nation wide and all Ireland

Please Call To Arrange A Winter Service:

Phone:  01522801651                England (9.00am - 5.00pm)
Phone:  02844851509                NI            (9.00am - 5.00pm)
Phone:  00447880504996          MB          (24 /7)

Billericay Farm Services (BFS) Nozzles, angled caps and Dribble Bars now added to the shop.

Many more items have been listed to the shop and a new Acessories & PPE page have been added. New products include PPE, flow meter, jugs, thread tape and many more

Fitting Stocks Turbo Jet 10 with Teejet 430 guidance to a Gator
this morrning

Stocks Ag applicators now in store

More defy 3D collected from Hypro yesterday as we ran out of stock all sizes in stock immediate dispatch
03 035 04 05 06

Defy 3D nozzle now available with Hardi adapter kit also available with EF1 kit


New Defy 3D Nozzles now in Stock! Click Here for more Information: