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Pentair Hypro GuardianAir Nozzle

Hypro GuardianAIR the air induction nozzle with the finest droplets to give a good balance between drift and spray coverage. 3 star Lerap rating at 1-1.25 Bar

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Hypro GuardianAIr nozzles combine the smallest droplet size with a shallow rear incline to offer excellent target coverage in a wide range of crop spraying applications.

At 3 bar, spray performance is often equivalent to a medium flat fan spray. At lower pressures spray drift is reduced by up to 75% so the balance between spray coverage and drift reduction can be easily adjusted by the operator.

  1. More drops per litre than other air-induction nozzles for improved coverage
  2. Excellent results at 100 l/ha water volumes for faster work rates
  3. Unique air filled droplets reduce bounce and stick to target
  4. 110° flat fan inclined 12-15°. When inclined to the rear this will compensate for the forward motion of the sprayer when spraying at 100 l/ha
  5. Up to 75% drift reduction at lower pressures to enable more spraying days 
  6.  LERAP 3 , JKI, Z.N.T. and T.C.T. drift classifications
  7. Holds spray angle at lower spraying pressures for improved flexibility
  8. Proven in the field and recommended by Syngenta UK for applying fungicides, insecticides and some herbicides to combinable crops*
  9. Performance equivalent to a medium flat fan spray for all except the smallest spray targets
Pentair Hypro
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