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3D ninety £8.29

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90% drift reduction right up to 5bar Sizes 03 035 04 05 06 08 All sizes in stock
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03 Blue
035 Brown/Red
04 Red
05 Brown
06 Grey
08 White

3D ninety Comes with Agrifac conversion cap

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90% drift reduction right up to 5bar Sizes 05 06 08 Arriving shortly 04
Making blocked nozzles easy to clean without damaging the tip 
Hypro GuardianAIR the air induction nozzle with the finest droplets to give a good balance between drift and spray coverage. 3 star Lerap rating at 1-1.25 Bar
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GA110-015 Green
GA110-02 Yellow
GA110-025 Lilac
GA110-03 Blue
GA110-035 Brown/Red
GA110-04 Red
GA110-05 Brown
Hypro Defy 3D 100°­ nozzles have an angled spray that improves coverage on vertical targets such as small grass weeds and soil clods as well as getting spray into crop canopies.
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3D100-015 Green
3D100-02 Yellow
3D100-025 Lilac
3D100-03 Blue
3D100-035 Brown/Red
3D100-04 Red
3D100-05 Brown
3D100-06 Grey
3D100-08 White
Pentair Hypro Defy 3D nozzle easy fit 3 cap & seal All sizes in stock 015, 02, 025, 03, 035, 04, 05, 06, 08
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3D100-015CS Green
3D100-02-3CS Yellow
3D100-025-3CS Lilac
3D100-03-3CS Blue
3D100-035-3CS Red/Brown
3D100-04-3CS Red
3D100-05-3CS Brown
3D100-06-3CS Grey
3D100-08-3CS White
Hypro Defy 3D nozzle easy fit 1 cap & seal
Select size
015 Green
02 Yellow
025 Lilac
03 Blue
035 Red/Brown
04 Red
05 Brown
06 Grey
08 White
Hypro Defy 3D nozzle Hardi cap & seal compatible with Hardi nozzle filters
select size
015 Green
02 Yellow
025 Lilac
03 Blue
035 Red/Brown
04 Red
05 Brown
06 Grey
A Twin Air-Induction Nozzle In Integral Fastcap Incorporates the spray technology of the proven GuardianAIR nozzle to provide an excellent balance between drift reduction and spray coverage.
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GAT110-02 Yellow
GAT110-025 Lilac
GAT110-03 Blue
GAT110-035 Red/Brown
GAT110-04 Red
GAT110-05 Brown
GAT110-06 Grey
GAT110-08 White
The orignal drift reducing nozzle
Select Nozzle Size
LD110)-06 GREY
LD110-015 GREEN
LD110-025 LILAC
LD110-03 BLUE
LD110-04 RED
LD110-05 BROWN
LD110-08 WHITE
Versatile nozzle suitable for overall application of herbicides,fungicides and growth regulators Mixed droplet spectrum allowing delivery of effective dose to a wide range of targets
Select Size
F110-01 Orange
F110-015 Green
F110-02 YELLOW
F110-025 LILAC
F110-03 BLUE
F110-04 RED
F110-05 BROWN
F110-06 GREY
F110-08 White
F110-10 Light Blue
F110-15 Light Green
F110-20 Black
Maintains spray angle over variable pressures of 1-5 bar. Ideal for use with variable rate controllers
Select Size
Green 015
Yellow 02
Lilac 025
Blue 03
Brown red 035
Red 04
Brown 05
Grey 06
Significant reduction in drift from coarse air-filled droplets
Select Nozzle Size
ULD120-015 GREEN
ULD120-025 LILAC
ULD120-03 BLUE
ULD120-04 RED
ULD120-06 GREY
The ESI six stream nozzle is ideal for applying fertilizer into solid seeded crops.
Select Size
Sizes 015-20
FC-ESI110015P Dark Green
FC-ESI-11002P Yellow
FC-ESI-11003P Blue
FC-ESI-11004 Red
FC-ESI-11005P Brown
FC-ESI-11006P Grey
FC-ESI-11008 White
FC-ESI-11010 Light Blue
FC-ESI-11015 Light Green
FC-ESI-11020 Black
Hypro flat fan VP 80° nozzle with excellent spray pattern over a variable pressure range
Select Size 015 02 03 04 05 06
VP80-015 Green
VP80-02 Yellow
VP80-03 Blue
VP80-04 Red
VP80-05 Brown
VP80-06 Grey
Medium coarse spray, with uniform dirtribution and resistance to clogging.
Select Nozzle Size
30DT0.5(100#) (ORANGE)
30DT0.75 (100#) (GREEN)
30DT1.0 (100#) (YELLOW)
30DT1.5 (100#) (BLUE)
30DT2.0 (100#) (RED)
30DT2.5 (100#) (BROWN)
30DT3.0 (100#) (GREY)
Self aligning  easy fit 3 nozzle caps
Select Colour
Brown Red
Light Blue
Light Green
Blanking Cap
With Or Without Seal
select cap type
easy fit 1
easy fit 3
Can be used with Hardi tip filters
With or Without Seals
Cap With Seal
Cap Without Seal
Select size
1/2" bsp boom end adaptor
3/4 bsp boom end adaptor
Hypro Pentair EF3 anti drip check valve assembly
Hypro EF3 nozzle body anti drip diaphragm
The Hypro® TwinCap is a simple, compact way of accommodating two spraynozzles back to back.
Agrifac 2 piece nozzle adaptor converts to EF3 caps
Hypro range of spray nozzles / tips / caps / seals and filters