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Teejet GPS

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The TeeJet Matrix 908 is an all new field computer with expandable options to appeal to any agricultural application

Now replaced by the new Matrix 908
Now replaced with the new Matrix 908
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Matrix 570GS Patch Antenna
Matrix 570GS RXA30 Antenna
GPS guidance is no longer too complicated or too costly. Easy operation and affordable pricing make Matrix 430 the best value in GPS guidance. On-screen coverage mapping reduce skips and overlaps to maximize crop protection. Matrix 430 is a great upgrade from foam markers and Lightbars.
RXA30 GPS A N T E N N A Compatible with L1 GPS and WAAS/EGNOS signals. Proven high-gain GPS antenna with quadrifiliar helix antenna element provides superior noise rejection and superior reception of lower elevation satellites when compared to traditional patch antennas
Smooth, accurate assisted steering performance plus portability! The UniPilot Pro system helps you increase efficiency, productivity and flexibility and can be moved between vehicles. It's easy to install with a single bracket onto the steering column no required access to the hydraulic system or removal of the steering wheel.
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UniPilot Kit Only
UniPilot Kit + RXA30
UniPilot Kit + RX 720
UniPilot Kit + 570GS + RXA30
UniPilot Kit + 570GS + RX 720
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Amatron + driver & cables
Amatron 3 driver & cables
JD EL4 driver & cables
section control driver only
TJ 744E driver & cables
TJ 844 driver & cables
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